Japan: Amidst Earthquakes and Volcanic Eruption, Chimp At Large Points to Another Risk to Nuclear Power Stations

Our thoughts are with Japan. As this excellent article points out the Achilles heel of the nuclear industry is loss of auxiliary power leading to loss of cooling. . Moorside propose to have three back up diesel plants on site should there be a stoppage to mains electricity . Sellafield already has a gas plant on site. Nuclear accidents require profligate use of fossil fuel from The ice wall of Fukushima, to the concrete sarcophagus of Chernobyl, to plans for massive underground dumps. There is not enough fossil fuel in the world to shore up existing nuclear plants and the resulting waste. Enough already…Shut them down.

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Over the last few days, Japan has had major earthquakes followed by a nearby volcanic eruption, pointing again to the fact that it is a particularly bad location for nuclear power stations. It also resulted in loss of power, a major achilles heel of nuclear power. Elsewhere in Japan, a chimpanzee got loose, and this also resulted in loss of power. Besides zoo chimps, Japan has its own wild monkeys.
Mori Sosen, 1747-1821, Monkeys in Plum Tree
Mori Sosen, 1747-1821, Monkeys in Plum Tree

14 to 15 April 2016 Japan earthquake swarm
Yellow pins are volcanos; orange spots are recent earthquakes; circles show the magnitude radiating out from VII at the epicenter. Locations of the two closest nuclear power stations are included.

Ape Monkey Affe with Skull
Based on Wolfgang Hugo Rheinhold (1853 – 1900), Affe mit Schädel (Ape with Skull)

While it appears unrelated, unless the chimp sensed the earthquake far away, earthquakes could result in zoo animals getting lose, posing yet another risk to nuclear power stations, especially…

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