Public Health and Moorside’s “Population Mixing”

Moorside - Because You're Worth It #StopMoorside Petition

Increased Childhood Leukemia caused by Population Mixing or Radioactive Emissions 0r both ?  Either or both – the industry and government appear to think that elevated rates of childhood leukaemia is a price worth paying for nuclear power.

Below is a letter to Cumbria County Council’s Director of Public Health – please write to him in your own words, feel free to use the information below.  Write to your MP, your GP, make a fuss…Resist!

Dear Colin Cox,


Controversy has been raging for decades about the link between childhood
leukemia and nuclear installations. In 2011 the headlines in the UKs
national and local media ran the story “Nuclear Power Plants Cleared of
Causing Leukaemia” Meanwhile, world-wide, over 60 studies have examined
cancer incidences in children near nuclear power plants. The German KIKK
study found up to 120% increase in leukemias among children under 5 years
old living with 5 km of all German Nuclear power plants . Here in the UK,
unwelcome findings were avoided by clever use of statistics. Instead, a
lot of effort has been put in by the industry and government to support
the theory of “population mixing” as a cause of increased childhood

Alex Elliot the Chair of the Committee on Medical Aspects of Radiation in
the Environment and a clinical physicist at the University of Glasgow, UK,
says that leukemia cluster researchers should look for causes other than
radiation. The UK government has taken seriously (and gratefully?) the
work of Leo Kinlen, an epidemiologist based at the University of Oxford,
UK. The Leo Kinlen theory, put forward in 1988, suggests that exposure to
a common unidentified infection through population mixing results
in Childhood Leukaemia.

“This exposure is greater”, Prof. Kinlen says, “when people from
urban areas mix with rural communities e.g. when construction
workers and nuclear staff move into the Sellafield area”.

Doctors Heather Dickinson and Louise Parker of Newcastle University
(which has strong links to the nuclear industry) claimed in 1999 that
their work backs up Professor Leo Kinlen’s population mixing theory
as the likely cause of the cluster of childhood leukaemia cases at
Seascale near Sellafield. “Population Mixing is a significant risk
factor for acute lymphoblastic leukaemia and non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma,
especially in young children, accounting for over 50% of cases in
Cumbria and most cases in Seascale”.

The population of West Cumbria is set to explode with the plan to house
thousands of temporary workers in what is essentially a rural area.

When those behind the proposal for the “biggest nuclear development in
Europe” were asked at a public meeting whether they would be issuing
a health warning regarding “population mixing” the response was a
blank stare.

There was an equally blank stare when they were asked if the Compensation
Scheme for Radiation Linked Diseases would be extended to the wider

If the nuclear industry believes its own hype then…has there been any
inquiry at all into the numbers of childhood leukaemias that would be
caused by the proposed Population Mixing scheduled to take place in West

Or is the detriment to childrens lives, the trauma to their families, the
cost to the NHS, considered a price well worth paying to keep the nuclear
military industrial complex alive?

Please will Cumbria County Council do all it can to protect the public of
Cumbria and at the very least urge a moratorium on the biggest new nuclear
build in Europe? The jury is still out on the causes of increased
childhood leukemia (and other radiation linked diseases) but the official
finger of suspicion falls on “population mixing.” The industry cannot
have it both ways.

yours sincerely

Marianne Birkby
on behalf of Radiation Free Lakeland


Nuclear Power Stations Cause Childhood Leukemia and here’s the proof

Population Mixing
Newcastle University and Ian Fells


Quantifying the effect of population mixing on childhood leukaemia risk:
the Seascale cluster

Seeding Leukaemia

The German Kikk study

4 thoughts on “Public Health and Moorside’s “Population Mixing”

  1. Rik -

    Hiya. We gave out 200 of these to those entering 1 Whitehall Place today. And to those passing. Whitehall office workers..

    On 16 April 2016 at 14:02, Radiation Free Lakeland wrote:

    > mariannewildart posted: ” #StopMoorside Petition Increased Childhood > Leukemia caused by Population Mixing or Radioactive Emissions 0r both ? > Either or both – the industry and government appear to think that elevated > rates of childhood leukaemia is a price worth paying for nucle” >

    1. That is brilliant! Thank You!! And Tim Farron MP has agreed to write to DECCs Amber Rudd asking questions about the reassuring red herring of population mixing. If the government believe this rogue “population mixing” virus is the cause of increased leukemias then why are they promoting an influx of tens of thousands of workers into a rural area…..if they don’t believe it then why does the nuclear workers’ Compensation Scheme for Radiation Linked Diseases not extend to the general public?!!!

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