Sleepy villages and nuclear waste from around the world: page 11 of Beeches, Boreholes and Badgers

From 20 years ago, the plan now is to include much hotter wastes and the law has been changed to cut out the inconvenience of genuine public and scientific scrutiny at an inquiry.

Wastwater Chronicles

Westmorland Gazette NIREX inquiry February 1996

From The Westmorland Gazette February 9th 1996

All passion spent at sleepy Cleator Moor

He pulled at his charcoal chequered cardigan and coughed. Clarity was needed. Not a professional inquiry animal, this was only his second and he was fighting bully boy nerves.

Day 62 of the investigation into Nirex plans for an underground testing laboratory at Longlands Farm in the shadow of Sellafield.

South Lakeland protestors were doing their bit. Twenty four had asked for a say, five were selected.

“I’m always on the side of the angels” said Joe Foster of Kendal.

Before any waste is dumped underground, time should be allowed for an earthquake to occur, he argued.

“I’m a grandfather, I worry for the children and for future generations. I’m afraid my heart is ruling my head here.

“At the Windermere inquiry I was for a speed limit. I wasn’t comfortable there either”…

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