“The Sellafield Repository” pages 2,3,4&5 of Beeches, Boreholes and Badgers

The nuclear dump plan as advertised in May 1993 in ‘Cumbria’  magazine. Now the geological dump plan includes high level wastes and they have decided to dump ever more low level waste into landfill and ‘recycle’ radioactive metal onto the open market. The waste from Moorside would be “hotter” than that from existing wastes.  Neat trick eh!

Wastwater Chronicles

SRP 1SRP 2Sel Rep 3

A ‘Don’t frighten the horses’ Four Page Advert in the 1993 edition of the magazine Cumbria Life.

“The Sellafield Project

It looks alright on

The surface but what

Happens when you

Dig a little deeper?

 “As far as the eye is concerned, the Sellafield Repository, if built, would barely be noticeable.

But what the eye won’t immediately see is the very high degree of care which will be in evidence underground.

A major feat of enginering, the Sellafield Repository would be dedicated to the safe and permanent disposal of intermediate and some low-level radioactive waste.


We’re talking about isolating radioactive waste from the human environment so that it is safe for the very long-term future. Storing it above ground is safe for now. But no one can guarantee that it will be looked after so safely for thousands of years. Above ground…

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