The IAEA tries to cover up another nuclear health issue in Europe!

Thanks to Sean for the alert… Way past time to shut them all down


The real problem is for children and pregnant women near the Ringhals NPP who were under the more dense plume.


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Over the course of the last week Ringhals nuclear power plant in western Sweden has been releasing a variety of isotopes including;

Iodine 131, Cesium 134 and 137, Cobalt 60, Beryllium 7, Cerium 144, Tellurium 132


The spike that was recorded on the top right graph registered at 0.8 mcSv/h but there were gaps in the record as you can see for the days previous to that. This is indicative, I believe, of higher spikes that have been covered up by the IAEA in Germany who have access to the EURDEP main frame.

The graph on the bottom right is a reading from Finland that has a gap that hides another peak a couple of days ago.

It is interesting to…

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