Call Out for Funds (Sorry!)

Dear Friends,

Cher30byl – Fuku5hima: Beyond Nuclear – Towards a safe, secure and affordable nuclear free energy future.  Friday 18th March 2016 – Sunday 20th March 2016 in Manchester .

Martyn Lowe of Close Capenhurst Campaign, Kick Nuclear and a supporter of Radiation Free Lakeland is kindly going to represent RFL at the forthcoming Conference in Manchester.  This  will ensure the Stop Moorside message is heard loud and clear with the help of our campaign leaflet.
We are down to £50 in the RaFL kitty so this is a call out for funds to make sure we have enough leaflets for the conference.  All our funding is via our amazing supporters and activists and we guarantee that all funds go directly to the very best campaigning we can do with limited funds available (as you can see by the the DIY website and blog!!)  
If you can help fund the leaflets pls contact me via email:      
or donations can be made directly to :
Radiation Free Lakeland   Sort Code: 16-52-21   Account Number: 53497264

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