Energy Maze 2016

Renewables on the up …. Divest from toxic dinosaur twins of fossil fuel and nuclear

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The second largest coal company in the US has just filed for bankruptcy. Environmentalists are celebrating thepotential closing of some of the ugliest proposed coal projects in the country.  But as Greenpeace points out, often chapter 11 bankruptcy gives bonuses to CEOs while cutting worker pensions.

arch coal bankruptcy cartoon.jpg

Thelargest earthquake in Canadas history was likely induced by fracking.  The Alberta government responded by immediately closing down the fracking operation.  The company can not resume operations until they can demonstrate the technology is safe, that could be a long time coming.

fracking protest

The Tennessee Valley Authority (the only utility in the country which could “go it alone” with the construction of nuclear power plants in recent decades) has decided to cancel two reactor projects in Alabama.  These are some of the last new commercial reactor projects in the US, bringing to a sputtering halt the much touted Nuclear Renaissance

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2 thoughts on “Energy Maze 2016

  1. Yeah! Energy Maze 2016: The only pages you need to save in order to argue against fracking/coal/nukes/oil. Top of this page.
    Read about the massive earth-quake in Alberta PROBABLY! caused by fracking – at least the Canadian government have closed the operation down until they could prove it safe!

    Coal mines are closing and fossil fuel share prices are plummeting; whilst re-newable energy shares are soaring. We did it! We have banged on about safety and the sanity of renewables for decades. Please NOW can we get on with our gardening;declutter(all the bloody paper-files and articles);turn the office into a ‘living’-room – and have a life?

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