Badgers and Boreholes

Badgers by Marianne Birkby

What mitigation has NuGen put in place for the badger setts on the land between Sellafield and Beckermet?  Seemingly none. Were the badgers found on the beach early last year at Seascale a result of the obscenity of 300 boreholes being drilled? These “exploratory” boreholes are being drilled  on greenfields known to contain deep beneath the ground decades of seeping radioactive contamination from Sellafield. The boreholes have brought this radioactive contamination to the surface and the plan is to build a special pumping station in order to pump the borehole ‘binjuice’ directly to the river Ehen.  There is more info at the following link regarding the insidious borehole drilling initially described as 100 boreholes – now it is up to over 300 boreholes.  Freedom of Information requests

The Sellafield site on the right and just some of the land “acquired” with public money for the proposed new nuclear build known as Moorside/Moorcide pic from NDA S116310.jpg S69106BB.jpg
boreholes image
‘Moorside’ 300 boreholes up to 150m deep on greenfield site to “explore” geology for new build – badgers build their setts at 1m deep




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