The harsh truth about volunteers.

Random thought…. at first glance nothing to do with anti nuclear campaigning….but it rings true. Similar issues are  true for volunteer anti nuclear campaigners ….we are without the support, leadership and comfort blanket of paid professionals in the form of the big NGOs such as Greenpeace UK and Friends of the Earth England. They seem to no longer have staffers with nuclear expertise or the will to encourage on the streets anti nuclear campaigning . Contrast this to the support given by those NGOs to the anti fracking movement.  Without paid full time anti nuclear campaigners with resources and kudos we are being set up to fail. Like the libraries the anti nuclear movement in the UK is (deliberately?) being left to wither on the vine and the anti nuclear resistance is a Cold frost bitten bud in a harsh climate.  Despite the harsh climate we are still here and still Resisting!!!!    A good article……recommended

A Medley Of Extemporanea

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As always I am pleased to read of any county that announces that they have “saved” their libraries, but I am increasingly seeing that this act of supposed salvation comes at a cost. That cost is losing trained and professional staff, i.e librarians.
Many County Councils are now announcing that their libraries will be “saved”
and that thanks to their glorious new restructuring it will instead be run by “skilled volunteers”
Hmmm, let’s have a look at the truth and workability of that statement shall we?

I’ve worked in the service a long time and (because I’ve worked my way up) I’ve seen pretty much every aspect of it. I’ve worked as a volunteer, and I’ve worked with them, and I’ve organised them. The truth about volunteers is a harsh one, and I apologise to any volunteers if they know…

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