Remember Fukushima / Stop Moorside Vigil

Stop Moorside Banner

Please come along and join us on the 5th anniversary of the ongoing Fukushima disaster. We will be in Whitehaven for a vigil and events to Remember Fukushima and Stop Moorside. 

We will be at the Harbour near The Beacon from 12pm till 2 ish on March 11th

Join us to hear a short message read out from the Prime Minister of Japan at the time of the disaster, the message includes the statement:

” If you love your country, let nuclear go!” 

We will then hold a minutes silence in a Vigil to Remember Fukushima.

Following the Vigil we will hold events to Stop Moorside.

Bring music, bring yourselves and ……

Show Resistance to Moorside – the proposed Biggest Nuclear Development in Europe, on greenfields near to Sellafield the most dangerous nuclear site in the world.


This event is just one of many taking place across the UK and the world to

Remember Fukushima and to Resist the Nuclear Juggernaught.

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