UK Nuclear “Beauty Pageant” Scheme: More Than Sheer Madness; Rudd Conflict of Interest

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The UK is having an architectural contest to “beautify” the proposed Moorside Nuclear reactor Site, which we choose to call a “beauty pageant”. The image of the Toshiba owned Westinghouse AP 1000 looks like a milk churn or can, as seen here:
milk churn can pail OGL UK gov
Milk Churn-Can and Pail
Moorside Cows on the Irish Sea
Cows at Moorside site on the Irish Sea, facing Sellafield Nuclear Site

Maybe they will stick a plastic cow in front of the Moorside visitors’ centre to replace the real cows, which they like to make graze near Sellafield and other nuclear sites?

While a Gothic Devil would be more appropriate,
Gothic Gargoyle Notre Dame 1850s
it will not match the simplicity of the, almost 1000 year old, Old St. Bridget’s Church, seen in the distance with the Windscale chimney at Sellafield to the right.
Old St. Bridget's Norman Church ca 1100 and Sellafield
nor the runic standing stone-crosses, which are estimated at around 900 to 1400 years old. This has been a Christian site since…

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