Barclays branch in Lancaster shut down by protest over funding of fracking and other extreme energies

Well Done to Fossil Free Lancaster, FoE and People and Planet and all concerned for the Action in Lancaster to persuade Barclays to divest from fossil fuel. This is a brilliant action by young people in a supported climate provided by fairly mainstream NGOs It is becoming increasingly apparent however that there is a nuclear taboo on the extreme energy front …..And that taboo is Nuclear. The bIggest single user of fossil fuel here in Cumbria is Sellafield ….it has its own dedicated gas plant using tens of £millions of gas EVERY year for keeping the waste cool and for reprocessing spent fuel from Heysham in Lancaster and elsewhere . FoE and Greenpeace UK are not actively campaigning against nuclear….. so anti nuclear campaigners in the UK are plodding away stoically in what is a very uncomfortable campaigning climate. This Nuclear Taboo tends to ignore and marginalise anti nuclear campaigners, maybe not accidentally?? Just to give an example, anti nuclear campaigners successfully opposed the proposed nuclear dump at Keekle Head coal mine, despite zil publicity. The BBC were at the Keekle Head public inquiry, they took loads of footage and conducted interviews despite this and the success of the campaign nothing made it to the TV news. Highlighting the lack of media attention and lack of active support from NGOs is seen by some to be both counterproductive and churlish. However this apathy from the mainstream means that Nuclear is getting a free run ..from accelerated uranium mining worldwide to increasingly deregulated nuclear dumping…this is happening right now. DIVESTment from Fossil fuel will not happen in any meaningful way while the Nuclear military industrial complex needs fossil fuel to power power stations to power power stations to power power stations…to produce nuclear propulsion for the military from diabolical Rail guns to equally diabolical next generation of Trident. Brilliant Action in Lancaster … please …..Don’t forget, Never forget that Nuclear is Top Trump.


12698803_1130472813638398_1916796016_o Student Protest in Lancaster Barclays. Photo – Ian Meeks

Today at 11am ­ Barclays branches in Lancaster and four other cities have been closed by protests highlighting the social and environmental impacts of the bank’s investments in fracking, coal and tar sands. Sit­ins and occupations of Barclays branches have taken place in Lancaster, Leeds, Sheffield, London and Oxford. The protests caused major disruption, forcing Barclays to turn away customers and close several branches. Police were called to several branches. Activists stayed for up to two hours at some of the branches. A group of students and local anti-fracking campaigners occupied the branch on Alexander Square in Lancaster University campus and held a teach­in to discuss the dangers of fracking. This protest comes a few days after the beginning of Cuadrilla’s appeal of a Lancashire Country Council decision to reject two of the company’s fracking applications.

12736473_1130472923638387_1665592681_o Don’t Frack Lancs! Photo – Ian…

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One thought on “Barclays branch in Lancaster shut down by protest over funding of fracking and other extreme energies

  1. How can they even consider putting nuclear waste in an old coal mine? If you read the old documents and I’m sure talk with old miners they weren’t even allowed to wear metal shoes in some of those coal mines lest there be a spark, because there is so much flammable gas down there. This is one thing I continue to wonder about for the Deep Geological Waste Depository. Might there not be flammable gas? I’m sure they think that they will bore a tunnel from the coast inland but there are definitely old coal mines along the coastal areas and even offshore.

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