Willie McRae Death, Nuclear Waste Dumping in Scotland, Group Continues to Call for Inquiry

Thanks to Mining Awareness for this …Remember Willie McRae

Mining Awareness +

Area Loch Doon sheep
Loch Doon area sheep
Mullwharchar Loch Doon
Mullwharchar Loch Doon which the late Willie McRae helped save from becoming a nuclear waste dump

In June 2015 over 12,000 signatures were delivered to Scotland’s Lord Advocate calling for the fatal accident inquiry to which Willie McRae is entitled by law. http://linkis.com/justiceforwillie.com/C7Mtv. http://www.justiceforwillie.com/author/admin/

Willie McRae had successfully worked to stop a nuclear waste dump in Ayrshire, Scotland and “At the time of his death, McRae had been working to counter plans to dump nuclear waste from the Dounreay Nuclear Power Development Establishment into the sea. Due to his house being burgled on repeated occasions prior to his death, he had taken to carrying a copy of the documents relating to his Dounreay work with him at all times. However, they were not found following his death, and the sole other copy which was kept in his office was stolen when it was burgled, no…

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