Floods and Nuclear Pollution:Letter from Wales

The following is a letter from E Jones of Colwyn Bay to Darren Millar Member of the National Assembly for Wales


I think that we can agree that here in N Wales it is recognised that we have a higher than average number of cancers, leukaemias etc.  Many eminent experts believe that this is because of radioactive fall out from Chernobyl, Trawsfyndd, Wylfa and Sellafield of course.

As after a certain level information becomes “classified” you have to wonder why?  It is also common knowledge that heavy chemical industries in Runcorn, Widnes, and Merseyside as well as Sellafield discharge into the Irish Sea, Liverpool Bay and hence Colwyn Bay.  Following the recent floods in Cumbria there was considerable concern that a nuclear waste facility at Drigg would be affected.  Again due to the fact that the nuclear industry is “highly classified” the public are kept very much in the dark?

In order to assure myself that we are not being contaminated/polluted any more than we already are, I emailed Natural Resources Wales to ask if after the floods in Cumbria they intended increasing the “monitoring” of the Irish Sea for any increase in fallout. To date I have not received a reply.

In comparison I also emailed Cumbria County Council to ask the English Natural Resources to do the same.  They (CCC) replied to say that they have put my request/comment down as an item for future planning committee agenda.

Finally whilst we are on the subject of nuclear pollution is/was any monitoring of the sand dredged up to make up the beach on Colywn Bay ever done?

For your sake and mine the answer had better be yes?

Or is that also “classified” ?


E Jones

Colwyn Bay



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