Today’s Fukushima Nuclear Evacuees Real Situation



For your information, as Abe’s government has tightened its grip on most of Japanese the media, the Fukushima nuclear evacuees situation is presented quite differently in the various Japanese media.

Abe’s regime has more or less gagged Asahi, has put more control on Japan Times, while Yomiuri is the Japanese equivalent of the Soviet era Pravda. The only major media who has managed somehow to keep some degree of independance and impartiality is the Mainichi.

As you may see the Japan Times article while having  an added positive spin, leaves out many things untold:

Fukushima nuclear evacuees fall below 100,000. As the fifth anniversary of the March 2011 Fukushima nuclear crisis approaches, the number of residents of the northeastern prefecture who are still living as evacuees has fallen below 100,000, a survey by the prefectural government revealed Friday.
According to the survey, 56,463 evacuees were staying within Fukushima Prefecture as…

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