The nuclear charlatans’ last refuge – their myth about climate change


Emperor's New Clothes 3

Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition: Nuclear power and climate progress in the 21st century 17 DECEMBER 2015 Peter A. Bradford adjunct professor, Vermont Law School and former Nuclear Regulatory Commission member

In the 15th year of the era formerly known as “the nuclear renaissance,” not a single molecule of carbon dioxide emission has been avoided by a renaissance reactor built in the United States or in Europe. Unless the 40-year-old Watts Bar 2 reactor scheduled to operate in Tennessee early in 2016 is called “renaissance,” this situation will not change for several more years.

Climate change, so urgent and so seemingly intractable, has become the last refuge of nuclear charlatans throughout the Western world. From well-meaning ideologues and editorial writers claiming that the unknowable is theirs to state with certainty, to paid advocates more skilled in pleasing and persuading government officials than furthering consumer and environmental well-being, prophetic arguments…

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2 thoughts on “The nuclear charlatans’ last refuge – their myth about climate change

  1. Jacqueline Donnelly


    Have you seen the ‘Exclusive’ article in today’s Daily Express ‘Nuclear expert raises terror fears over Britain’s huge plutonium stockpile’ it makes for interesting reading.

    1. interesting! Who needs terrorists tho when we have radioactive waste leaking and being actively pumped Into the environment from Drigg, Lillyhall, Sellafield and now The 300 boreholes on the Moorside site. It is killing us …. And is State Terrorism…the Worst!!

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