6 thoughts on “Merry Christmas from Radiation Free Lakeland

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  2. Penelope

    NO NUCLEAR ANYTHING !!!! When is this Weak Minded Prime Minister (That some of us Voted In) going to stop Killing the inhabitants of this Island we call Great Britain – When are they going to wake up and realise that it is NOT Climate Change killing our world but Nuclear rubbish that we cannot rid ourselves of for Hundreds of Years ??????????????????? Please oppose everything to do with un-natural and polluting things. STOP NOW BEFORE IT IS REALLY TOO LATE !

  3. Nick Ford

    It seems that NUGEN are going to build and it seems a done deal. I have found little opposition the elected mayor and most councillors from county to village seem to be backing this in what they can get from it. Further there seems little in any form arguing against it especially in the media-Certainly some of the information on the other 8 installations in China and in the U.S and the problems with the AP1000 design. you don’t seem to have pursued this avenue in the media.

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