Silent Night of Radioactive boreholes, 300 on Greenfields and Floodplain

Boreholes up to 150m being dug at Beckermet
300 Boreholes up to 150m being dug and blasted with explosive at Beckermet, sheep graze..this land is also home to badgers, who were found dead on the beach, no explanation why.

Fukushima Vigil March 12. 2015

On the Road to a Nuclear Dystopia?   Come On!!
On the Road to a Nuclear Dystopia? Come On!!
Just a Badger
Just a Badger

The land beneath and around Sellafield is too radioactive for a nuclear dump.  This is what people were told by Energy Solutions when they were trying to push a low level nuclear dump on the old open cast coal mine of Keekle Head. Some suggested quite reasonably that the waste should remain at Sellafield.  But any deeply excavated land near Sellafield would itself be radioactive waste.  Wherever there is a radioactive dump such as the land beneath and around Sellafield the sensible thing to do is not disturb it or hasten its journey of percolation to the Irish Sea – of course the most sensibile thing to do is to not make radioactive waste in the first place!

In order to prepare the way for diabolic new build and new wastes on the land between Sellafield and the village of Beckermet, 300 boreholes are being drilled and blasted with explosives ( initially we were told 100 boreholes and that was 100 too many).  Apparently  there was no planning permission or scrutiny needed for this,  it was okayed by one delegated officer at Copeland Council.

The resulting waste from 300 boreholes both liquid and solid will be ongoing and once brought to the surface has to be “disposed” of . The waste is contaminated with radioactive and chemical crapola from decades of Sellafield seepage.  Following our Freedom of Information request, the Environment Agency who also rubber stamped this outrageous abuse of Cumbria have told us (see below) that there will be no independent monitoring of the borehole waste.  It is left to NuGen ie the same companies responsible for Fukushima’s reactors and architecture (Toshiba/Hitachi etc).

NGOs such as Greenpeace and Friends of the Earth are quite rightly actively opposing the threat of Fracking in Cumbria  BUT the present, direct and ongoing abuse from Nuclear is given the Silent Night, Silent Night.  Pregnant ewes are still on the land amongst the boreholes, the cattle graze and drink from the River Ehen…

Shepherds aren’t watching over the safety of the flock …

reply from EA ..our initial thoughts added in CAPS

Dear Ms Birkby

Enquiry regarding Moorside

Thank you for your enquiry which was received on 29 October 2015.

We respond to requests under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 and
Environmental Information Regulations 2004.

Please find below responses to your queries which we hope will address
your request for information in relation to liquid and solid wastes
generated by NuGeneration Limited (NuGen) as a result of borehole
activities on the Moorside site.

NuGen made an application to the Environment Agency on 28 August 2015
under the Environmental Permitting (England and Wales) Regulations 2010
(EPR10), for a Water Discharge Activity permit. The permit application
(reference EPR/DB3299AF/A001) was Duly Made by us on 14 September 2015 and
is currently in determination. The application has been publicised on our
website and was advertised in the local newspaper (the Whitehaven News),
as well as on NuGen’s own website. If granted, the permit would allow
NuGen to dispose of two trade effluents to the river Ehen via a treatment
works and engineered outfall (located at NY 01409 04485). The two
effluents are composed of wastewater created from the borehole testing
activities on site:

1. Trade effluent consisting of groundwater pump test (GWPT) effluent
from site investigation boreholes (located within the underlying drift and
sandstone geologies). The maximum discharge of the GWPT effluent will be
864 cubic metres per day (m³/day) at a maximum rate of 10 litres per
second (L/s).

2. Trade effluent consisting of wastewater treatment plant (WTP)
effluent from various site investigation activities (including drilling
and purging of groundwater from boreholes, and dewatering of small
earthworks). The maximum discharge of WTP effluent will be 90.0 m³/day at
a maximum rate of 10 L/s.

The waste contains levels of radioactivity that are below limits specified
in the Defra guidance document ‘Guidance on the scope of and exemptions
from the radioactive substances legislation in the UK’. As such the waste
is exempt from permitting under Schedule 23 (Radioactive Substances) of
EPR10. These limits are based upon international standards and guidance
and have been selected as they ensure acceptably low levels of risk to
people and the environment. The exemption for aqueous radioactive waste
specifies a number of conditions that must be met by the applicant. The
disposal route proposed (The River Ehen) would be compliant with these conditions for these low-levels of radioactivity.

Our determination will additionally consider potential for
non-radiological impacts resulting from the disposals. At the point of
determination we will issue a decision document which will provide our
decision on the application and outline the reasons for that decision. The
decision document will explain how our decision is consistent with
relevant regulations and government guidance to the Environment Agency.

We have not carried out our own measurements of the radioactivity and
chemical composition in liquid discharges proposed from the boreholes on
the Moorside site. (WHY NOT?)  We can arrange independent sampling and measurement and will do this where we consider it necessary and proportionate to the risk.
Having evaluated the risks associated with this application we have deemed
it not necessary to carry out our own measurements. However, we do have
regulatory powers to inspect NuGen’s documentation and records (HOW REASSURING) and can do
so at any point throughout the lifetime of any permit issued.

The solid wastes produced by the borehole activities were not found by
NuGen (OF COURSE NOT) to contain radioactivity at levels requiring management as radioactive waste and have been disposed of in accordance with relevant
regulations by a waste contractor appointed by NuGen (PRIVATE NUCLEAR FLY TIPPERS) . We are satisfied that the solid waste has been appropriately managed and disposed. We did not carry out independent measurements of the solid waste generated from
the borehole activities; just as for the liquid waste, we will undertake
independent sampling and measurements and inspect documentation and
records where we consider it necessary and proportionate. (THIS IS AN ABDICATION OF RESPONSIBILITY)

The Environment Agency has ensured that all waste storage arrangements are
compliant with the relevant waste regulations.

I have attached our Standard Notice or licence which explains the
permitted use of this information.

Please get in touch if you have any further queries or contact us within
two months if you’d like us to review the information we have sent.

Kind regards

Customers and Engagement Team

Cumbria and Lancashire
Environment Agency

Ghyll Mount, Gillan Way, Penrith 40 Business Park, Penrith, Cumbria, CA11

Email: [1][email address]

I would be very grateful if you could take a couple of minutes to fill in
the survey below about our service. This will help us to improve our
service in the future.


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Information in this message may be confidential and may be legally privileged. If you have received this message by mistake, please notify the sender immediately, delete it and do not copy it to anyone else.

5 thoughts on “Silent Night of Radioactive boreholes, 300 on Greenfields and Floodplain

  1. Sudo Yum

    Environmental Spin and Fudges.
    The environmental impact of the effects of Moorside on the local communities are being spun and fudged by the Local Establishment community. Take for example traffic surveys in Beckermet – these are being conducted at off-peak times; such as school holidays; when a large percentage of Sellafield employees are off work.
    The resultant spun figures allow pro Moorsider’s to claim that traffic volumes and speeds through Beckermet are moderate, when in fact, for much of the time, they’re horrendous.

    1. Thanks for this …it is clear that the nuclear industry’s tentacles have a stranglehold ….they need a stranglehold and lap dog regulators, anything more robust and honest and the industry could not operate …as people would see the awful truth.

  2. Amadaus

    Contamination Risks During Borehole Drilling and Disposal are not being mitigated.

    It’s well known from publicly available data that a contaminated plume of highly contaminated liquor flows from the Sellafield Site beneath security/boundary fence and migrates Northwards beneath the proposed Moorside Site and eventually ends up beneath the Irish Sea.
    In the past [i.e. 5 to 10 years ago] whenever boreholes were created in these “Moorside” areas, stringent precautions were taken to monitor and record the levels of Radionuclides present in the resultant effluents and solid waste streams. Moreover, a stringent Health Physics & Safety regime existed to ensure that the spread of contamination was contained. These measures included the use of changerooms, washing facilities and bootbarriers.
    None of these precautions are/have been taken during the Moorside drilling campaign. As a consequence, its highly probable that there’s been widespread contamination of the local environment via the workforce, sheep & cows, agricultural vehicles and passing members of the public; using local footpaths and cycleways.
    We are also concerned effluents and solid wastes streams have been dumped in an uncontrolled manner in unlicensed tips.

    1. Horrendous and yet the likes of George Monbiot Continue to promote this poisoning of our environment. “Copeland” is from the old Norse and it means “bought land” which was really unusual in Medieval times as land didn’t change hands ….it is well and truly “bought land” now ….Time to take the land back and Occupy Nuclear! But hang on …how many campaigners want to put themselves in The way of armed nuclear police who do not answer to the law of the land, contaminated greenfields, contaminated water, …to oppose nuclear madness is a far cry and far more uncomfortable than any other form of activism …and yet the alternative is to let these criminals continue to be the death of freshwater, fresh air, even our DNA.

  3. Pingback: Violence to Farmland by the Nuclear Industry Has been going on for Too Long. ENOUGH! – Radiation Free Lakeland

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