Nuclear and Floods…See No Evil

Three Wise Monkeys
See No Evil…

Amidst all the media coverage of the Cumbria floods there is not one single raised eyebrow on the implications for the leaking nuclear dump sites of Lillyhall, Drigg and Sellafield.

One excellent letter HAS made it into the national press.  Written by Rae Street and reproduced below, it was published in the Guardian on the 8th December. Our thanks to Rae.

Nuclear is Not the Answer to Climate Change
Dear Editor,
Among the potential huge problems, for example, for the concentration of nuclear sites in Cumbria are the dangers from climate crisis and extremes of weather. On the front page of the same edition are accounts of the severe flooding all over Cumbria but nowhere is a link made to the nuclear sites. Perhaps if no comments are made by the nuclear industry, then no problem exists?

Yours sincerely,

Rae Street

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