US EPA Supports No Safe Dose of Radiation; Objects to NRC Proposal of 100 mSv per Year: Comment Deadline 19 Nov. 11.59 PM

Some sanity from the US ….please comment supporting the Environmental Protection Agency’s view that “there is no safe dose of radiation” If the Nuclear Regulators in the US go ahead with this proposal to raise the already dangerous radiation dose “allowed” to the public …it will be headed to the UK.

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The deadline for comment on the US NRC 100 mSv per year exposure proposal, also known as cancer for everyone, is November 19th. Network-Organize!!docketDetail;D=NRC-2015-0057

In this comment, sent to the USNRC on the 27th of October, the US EPA affirms its support of the LNT (Linear No Threshold) model, which says that increased exposure to radiation is increased risk. It is, however, strange that no mention is made of the Richardson, et. al. nuclear worker study report which came out on the 20th of October. Richardson is serving on an EPA advisory committee, so they should have had early access. The research by Richardson et. al. suggests that per 100 mSv there will be an extra 10 cancers per 100 people, whereas the BEIR report estimates 1 extra cancer per 100 people. Thus, over the course of only 10 years, the 100 mSv per year, proposed, may lead to…

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