Radioisotopes Program was Cover for Avoiding Liability Claims from Vets; Human Radiation Experiments; Expanding the Agenda to All Americans with 100 mSv per year Proposal of Cancer for All – Comment Deadline 19 November 11.59 PM ET

From the USA….

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Atomic Veterans VA 2012
This is from an official 1995 US government document (under Bill Clinton) on human radiation experiments:
In August 1947, General Groves urged Major General Paul Hawley, the director of the medical programs of the Veterans Administration, to address medical problems related to the military’s use of atomic energy. Soon thereafter, Hawley appointed an advisory committee, manned by Stafford Warren and other medical researchers. The advisers recommended that the VA create both a “publicized” program to promote the use of radioisotopes in research and a “confidential” program to deal with potential liability claims from veterans exposed to radiation hazards. The “publicized” program soon mushroomed, with Stafford Warren, Shields Warren, and Hymer Friedell among the key advisers. By 1974, according to VA reports, more than 2,000 human radiation experiments would be performed at VA facilities, 48 many of which would work in tandem with neighboring medical schools, such as the relationship…

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