Killing Radioactive Birds at Sellafield: A Bird’s Eye View

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Sellafield is on the Irish Sea, so there will be water birds in the neighborhood. This is a bird’s eye view:
Sellafield on Irish Sea Birds Eye View
The water bird (or migrating birds) might next see all of these nice open pools of water, as s/he approached.
Sellafield Fuel pools zoom
Not knowing that it is dangerously radioactive, the bird chooses one:
B-30 Pond Seagull 2013 public domain via ecologist .org
Now the bird is in trouble, whether it is caught and killed or not!
Sellafield Waste Pond Too hot for birds and humans
Image from Radiation Free Lakeland
B-30 Fuel Pond:


Radiation Free Lakeland remarks that Black-headed gulls are routinely killed at Sellafield: “These beautiful birds are routinely culled on the Sellafield site – and held in freezers waiting for dumping as radioactive wastes.

The UK government says: “The Sellafield site actively manages the potential transfer of contamination off-site by wildlife. This mainly includes managing the number of seagulls and pigeons that nest on the site by culling and removing nests…

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