Carrot Cake and Nuclear Dump CONsultation


The nuclear industry courtesy of UK government is no stranger to dangling carrots. Ethicists have been hired to write papers on the ethics of offering ‘compensation or bribery to Host Communities.‘ Perhaps a much more relevant paper would be on the ethics of writing a paper on the ethics of compensation for nuclear dumping in the midst of no end in sight to new waste being churned out daily? The government department tasked with trying to find a place to dump nuclear waste in the 1990s was called, NIREX.  Cumbria Said No back then, when the plan was much smaller for much less dangerous wastes.  Cumbria also said NO to the son of NIREX, the ironically named, “Mananging Radioactive Wastes Safely”  in January 2013.  Now the Grandson of NIREX is the much slicker Radioactive Waste Management. They are continuing the nuclear dumping agenda, running CONsultations aimed at “Implementing Geological Disposal” of Nuclear Waste including Heat Generating Nuclear Wastes. Published below with permission from No Nuclear Waste Dumping is an excellent account of what happened on Friday at the CONsultation :

“So today, at a consultation workshop for the National Geological Screening Exercise, I discussed the official reasons why a nuclear disposal facility (WIPP) in the US blew up in February 2014 (the official line is that the wrong brand of cat litter was purchased) with the top scientists/engineers/geologists and ‘regulators’ whose job it is to decide how to bury nuclear waste in a similar fashion in the UK, some students and three other well-informed members of the public at a hotel in Manchester.
The RWM had a member of staff primed to deliver a response, that deviates from the EPA’s report, and blamed a vehicle that was, ‘perhaps not as well maintained as it ought to be.’
In other words, inevitable human error + ‘unforeseen’ circumstances + atomic waste = disaster.
The industry response from various other people in the room was to lamely suggest, “We have tougher regulation.”
The exact same lame excuse that is being touted by the very same government-sponsored regulators who insist that fracking is safe.
This in turn lead to a frank discussion of the ongoing potentially Extinction Level Event that is Fukushima – a perfectly ‘regulated’ catastrophe that was simply waiting to happen.
The message I have to bring back, is that myself and a beautiful, soulful woman I’ve never met before, plus two guys, also from the public, all calmly and patiently explained to the rest of our group, then the whole room including all the top brass from the RWM, CoRWM, DECC and the EA, that the nuclear cycle is PROVEN to be devastating to our planet on an apocalyptic scale.
Any attempt to engage us into a dialogue about what to ‘do’ with the existing waste will be resisted until there is agreement that no more waste will be created.
>>It is meaningless to talk about the ‘horror’ of the legacy waste in the same breath as planning an ongoing open-casket for future wastes.<<
“It’s just like, ya know – common sense.” said Anna Wilman Heys, smiling, and you could feel the truth seeping into everyone’s beings.
Some of those RWM bods literally did not know where to look.
The calm and solid truth of our words was in such stark contrast to the cheap bluffing, bullshit and bravado tones (initially) coming the other way, that a rather red-faced top nuclear civil engineer broke rank and said:
“Actually some humility from us industry people about the bloody awful mess that has been created up in Sellafield would not go amiss here – those silage ponds are a national emergency.”
I am happy to report that the Chief Scientist from the RWM grasped the logical incompatibility of engaging meaningfully in a discussion about a ‘final solution’ for this man-made toxic nightmare without first having established that WE MUST STOP MAKING IT.
So pleased with expressing, “I can totally see why you’d make that clear distinction,” was our Cherry, that after a long chat post-meeting, she scurried off to find napkins to wrap up left-over carrot cake for me to take home for Alfie and gave me a hug.
Her po-faced colleague, who had stood sullen as Cherry and I discussed how old our children were, interrupted the normal human contact to rather smugly assert, “but there’ll always be new nuclear waste…”
“Only whilst someone like you lets there be. Come over to our side, it’s liberating.”

We have truth and love on our side folks.
‪#‎StopWylfa‬ ‪#‎StopMoorside‬ ‪#‎StopHinkley‬ ‪#‎StopBradwell‬ ‪#‎NoNuclear‬ ‪#‎NoFracking‬”

Note: the carrot cake is on us…the public purse

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