Cumbria Wildlife Abandoned by Cumbria Wildlife Trust? Yes, We Despair!

Yes We Despair When We See Another Green Space Destroyed!

Thanks to RaFL member Janet’s questioning, today on Cumbria Wildlife Trust’s Facebook page the conservation group outlines the reason for their lack of action over Moorside:

“We are neither a pro nor anti nuclear organisation, our only aim is to do all we can for wildlife. We hope to do our best to help the wildlife at Moorside . The government gave approval for Moorside years ago (when we successfully stopped Kirksanton being put forward as a nuclear power site) and so it wasn’t part of any local planning process which is the only way we can engage with developments of any kind in the county. As it didn’t go through planning, there was no opportunity for us to object or suggest mitigation as we do for other developments. We focus our efforts on practical conservation and where we get can get the best for wildlife with the limited resources that we have. We hope to influence NuGen to get the best for wildlife out of this development which is not in our power to stop even if we wanted to. If you want a campaign then I suggest you approach Friends of the Earth or Greenpeace who are experts in this kind of activity – Charlotte”

In absolute frustration, despair and anger I replied ( now fully expecting to be blocked from the page, its getting to be a routine)

“So CWT will not get involved in campaigns unless there is a public consultation? That sounds like a big fat cop out to me . How about campaigning to stop the hedgerow destruction at Moorside – the loss of habitat, the destruction of badger setts by 100 leaking radioactivity boreholes, the poisoning of the Ehen, the ripping out of trees, radioactive pollution on the beaches- all these things are within CWT’s remit “Protecting Cumbria’s wildlife for the future. Cumbria Wildlife Trust is the only voluntary organisation devoted solely to the conservation of the wildlife” Ha bloody Ha! Shame on you for your apathy and cowtowing to nuclear interests which have everything to do with trashing the already denuded environment. God Help Us and the wildlife”

Radiation Free Lakeland hopes that Cumbria Wildlife Trust will ignore the money given to them by the NuGen group (SITA wholly owned by ENGIE has provided t£tens of thousands of funds for the flagship Foulshaw Moss reserve) and will grow a Stop Moorside backbone.  Anything would help, for example there are miles of hedgerows and hedgehogs!  All would be trashed and are being trashed right now with the 100 boreholes sucking radioactive groundwater up from Sellafield to be pumped into the river Ehen.  There has been no Environmental Impact Assessment – that is no accident. NuGen are waiting until the land is well and truly denuded of wildlife …..and then conservation groups can say with hand on heart that the land is of no wildlife value.  This is a scandal of epic proportions ….but of zilch action by those who claim to be the protectors of Cumbrian Wildlife.  Come On.

NOTE: the government consultation was a CON – Cumbria Wildlife Trust along with everyone else assumed the land at Sellafield was at Sellafield – not the huge tract of land, shore and River Ehen floodplain between Sellafield and the village of Beckermet which is now being touted as “Moorside”

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