Fracking…A Trojan Horse?

Thank You Ian Crane for bringing this to people’s attention – it is my belief that fracking has served MANY purposes already, not least to divert activists and NGO groups such as Greenpeace and FoE away from scrutinising what the nuclear mafia are doing right now :  dumping radioactive wastes in everything from landfill to pots and pans in order to clear the decks for more nuclear crapola.

2 thoughts on “Fracking…A Trojan Horse?

  1. Gary Cameron

    Hello there. First time I have looked into this issue today and it is deeply disturbing. Do you believe Mr Cranes fears are justified that the UK government plan to dispose of nuclear waste down used fracking lines? it seems unlikely to me after watching the couple documentaries recommended in this episode and a couple more. Not that I don’t think the repugnant bastards aren’t capable of it… just seems like too big an issue for them to get away with??

    1. the Secretary of State wrote to RaFL saying that there were no plans for deep borehole disposal but that doesn’t mean anything especially given the millions going into deep borehole disposal research. In a way it is a red herring tho as nuclear waste is being dumped right now into landfills at Lillyhall, Clifton Marsh and the dedicated “repository” at Drigg. The industry is basically poacher and gamekeeper monitoring itself! The Environment Agency rely on the industry’s own documentation. The nuclear industry have already got away with body snatching (remember the Redfern Inquiry into the body parts snatching scandal?) and infanticide (leukemia and other radiation linked illnesses attributable to proximity to nuclear installations) so dumping nuclear waste down boreholes is small beer to them. The alternative is to honestly admit that there is no “away” for nuclear waste and that would put paid to making even more of the crapola.

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