“Hot, powerful” fire at radwaste dump that shut down US Highway 95 (Nevada)

With radioactive landfill accumulating at Drigg and Lillyhall, Cumbrians should be concerned about this and demanding that radioactive waste is not dumped into “repositories” ie leaking radioactive dumps.

Cumbria Trust

A recent fire at the state-owned radioactive waste dump in Nevada, prompted authorities to shut down a 140-mile stretch of U.S. Highway 95 for nearly 24 hours.

“Whatever caught fire on Sunday in the state-owned radioactive waste dump at the US Ecology site near Beatty packed a powerful punch. We don’t know exactly what caught fire. We’re not exactly sure what was burning in that pit,” Fire Marshal Chief Peter Mulvihill said in a conference call with reporters.

There was some energetic burning” that blew a hole in the cover soil that caps trench No. 14, where low-level radioactive materials were buried in unlined, clay terrain in the 1970s.”

Mulvihill added that investigators who were converging to begin their probe at the site Tuesday, about 10 miles south of Beatty and about 108 miles northwest of Las Vegas, don’t know yet if an explosion occurred before the fire was reported…

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