Nuclear Worker Study Affirms that Low Doses of Radiation are Deadly: Increased Cancer Risk Much Worse Than Previously Believed

Nuclear Power Kills and Maims….. Why continue with nukiller, knowing the damage that is being inflicted?

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The new low dose radiation exposure results, showing high cancer risks at low doses, which came out on October 20th, are very important:
The study, which supports that any amount of radiation is bad for you (LNT), has been largely ignored, and where not ignored it has been partially misrepresented already. The study did control for both smoking and asbestos exposure, using lung cancer, but found little difference in results. Additionally, non-nuclear workers smoked, and were exposed to asbestos. In many of the decades studied, smoking was very widespread in all social classes. Comparing to the general population, of the same age, which is the apparent definition of excess cancers, should act as a control.

In the context of this (Richardson et. al. 2015) study, Gy is equivalent to Sv. Thus, the excess relative risk of cancer DEATH per 1000 mSv is 51%. For 100 mSv it is 5.1%…

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