“We Need New Nuclear Like We Need A Hole in The Head” Michael Meacher

Michael Meacher                                                         4 November 1939 – 20 October 2015

Attending a Friends of the Earth conference as a FoE activist many years ago I was impressed by Michael Meacher’s frankness regarding his involvement as Environment Minister in   the sanctioning of activities at Sellafield,  he implied that he was effectively  held to ransom and did not want to agree to it.

At the same Friends of the Earth conference (must have been around 2003) He made a very strong statement regarding the commissioning of any new nuclear power,  saying:

“We need new nuclear like we need a hole in the head”

He was absolutely right and the sooner the ecocidal Hinkley, Moorside, Wylfa and Bradwell schemes are scrapped the better.

In the meantime and in memory of Michael Meacher lets #BoycottChina  #BoycottToshiba #BoycottEDF

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