Children and Turtles Used for Nuclear Grooming


Schoolchildren clearly not using any protective clothing on NuGen's propaganda
Schoolchildren clearly not using any protective clothing on NuGen’s propaganda “beach clean’ on Seascale’s radioactively polluted beach.

The nuclear industry’s latest publicity stunt carried out on 17th September is worthy of Goebbels. The Moorside Mafia: NuGen (Toshiba and Engie) invited local schoolchildren on a “community beach clean at Seascale Beach in a bid to create a better environment for marine wildlife – including Myrtle, the company’s famous adopted leatherback turtle”

The leatherback turtle was spotted off St Bees Head and named “Myrtle” by NuGen staff.

Ian Simms, Ecologist from Amec Foster-Wheeler, who is working closely with NuGen on environmental impact assessments for Moorside, welcomed NuGen’s idea to clean the beaches.

“This is a very good idea, from an environmental point of view, because of the threat to the marine environment from discarded plastics in the oceans, and not just for turtles; birds, dolphins and whales can also suffer from the effects of discarded plastic and litter. Cleaning litter and waste from our region’s beaches helps reduce the potential impact on the ecology of the Cumbrian coast.”

This is cynical and wrong on so many levels.


As Cumbrians Opposed to a Radioactive Environment have pointed out in an excellent letter sent to NuGen and published in this weeks Whitehaven News (1st Oct)  : “the finding last year of a Seascale beach particle having a contact dose rate of 2.8 mSv and comprised of Cs-137, Am-241, Eu-154 and Eu-155” means young children are being exposed to possible inhalation or ingestion of these health damaging radioactive particles . NuGen’s reply in the press is that “overall health risks are very low and significantly lower than other risks that people accept when using the beaches” This is duplicitous nonsense. A parent can monitor a child closely and make sure they don’t step on glass or fall in a rock pool but contact with or inhalation/ingestion of these known radioactive particles while eating a butty or a sweet or wiping your mouth is much more difficult to monitor and the damage may not be apparent until years later.


NuGen plan to use the “once through” sea water with the possibility of cooling towers for cooling.

They say: : “it is envisaged that a flow of up to 45 m3/s of cooling water will be required for each reactor, giving a total of up to 135 m3/s, and that the temperature rise between intake and outfall will be 14 C.”

The “once through” cooling is fatal to marine life killing thousands of eggs, larvae and marine life by impingement, entrapment and also by heating the ocean.   This is what the State Water Resources Control Board of California says about Once Through Cooling…

“Once-through Cooling Is Dangerous to Marine Life

The 19 power plants that are regulated by the Policy are collectively able to withdraw billions of gallons of water every day to cool steam for generating electricity. In the process, millions of fish, larvae, eggs, seals, sea lions, turtles, and other creatures are killed each year because they are either trapped against screens or are drawn into the cooling system where they are exposed to pressure and high heat. The marine life that is killed is mainly at the base of the food chain and that can adversely affect the future of certain species and adversely impact recreational and commercial fishing”.

Californian regulators are planning to BAN ONCE THROUGH COOLING – the type of cooling being planned by NuGen

More on Sea Turtles and Nuclear Power Plants

NuGen’s PR stunt “beach clean” is nasty and dangerous.

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