High Power Tour Showing in London Tonight & In Cumbria on 7th Oct

High Power Tour - Nuclear Power Making People Powerless throughout the world
High Power Tour

The Uranium Film Festival 2013 Award winning film High Power received a Yellow Oscar in 2013.  It is showing in London tonight:

London SOAS (School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London)Weds 30th Sept Room 116, 1st floor of SOAS main building – film screening starts at 6.30pm  18:30-21:00

In Cumbria on 7th Oct at Friends Meeting House, Kirkgate, Cockermouth CA13 9PH at 7.30 hosted by Allerdale and Copeland Green Party

“Darkness spreads in the town that provides power to the country, and this time it seems to be here to stay. Tarapur Nuclear Power Station, the first nuclear power plant in India, was set up 40 years ago with much fanfare, displacing villages near the town named Tarapur.

The town that gives its name to the plant,Tarapur, is however, miles away from the dream it had promised to be. What really happened in Tarapur in these 40 long years is an awakening the whole world needs to arrive at, before it is too late.

Once a protagonist visits those villages. He observes the situation of thousands of displaced people and he finds that the displaced people lost their land, homes, sea and almost everything but they didn’t get proper compensation, instead they got many diseases, which were unknown to them earlier. Set against the backdrop of yet another heaven being brought down by man’s deed to meet his greed, this documentary unfolds a world unknown, a picture unshown, and a nature unborne. ” Director Pradeep Indulkar

Jaitapur Live Pradeeps latest film focuses on the struggle in India against plans of the Nuclear Power Corporation of India to build Areva’s E.P.R.s (European Pressurised Reactors). Much has come to light recently about the unconstructability and problems with the EPR design, come & find out about the battle against EPRs in India https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ykajPvKKrro

Both films will be screened and there will be opportunities for questions and answers with the director of the two films Pradeep Indulkar

More info from South West Against Nuclear

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