Radio-Iodine from Nuclear Energy Causes Climate Change-Polar Bear Comment Deadline on Saturday One Minute to Midnight

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polar bears and nuclear sub
Nuclear subs also leak deadly radionuclides into the oceans during routine reactor operations, testing, and dismantlement. However, radionuclides from land-based nuclear reactors and other nuclear facilities eventually reach the Arctic

The Polar Bear Draft plan comment deadline is Saturday night. The US Fisheries and Wildlife Service needs to research and consider the chemical and radiological impacts that radioactive materials have on polar bears, both directly (health) and indirectly (climate-ice). These include radioactive iodine, (which also causes thyroid problems):

In a recently published article, J. D. Allan et. al. (2015) discuss the role that iodine has in cloud formation, and thus climate change. While radioactive iodine is not specifically mentioned, it would have the same chemical effects, combined with additional radiological effects (e.g. radiolysis; heat). The long-lived (half life 15.7 million years) radioactive iodine 129 is present, in ever-increasing quantities, in the Arctic. Radioactive iodine 129 and 131 are emitted…

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