UK Lib Dem Leader Tim Farron Calls for Independent Investigation into Environmental Damage from Nuclear Industries

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polar bears and nuclear sub
(Note that the USFWS comment deadline at 11.59 pm US ET on Saturday, will be 4.59 am on Sunday in the UK:

Dear Tim

It is extremely worrying and depressing to think that the activities of the civilian and military nuclear industries at Sellafield and BAeSystems, Barrow in Furness and elsewhere are damaging wildlife such as polar bears in the Arctic which are also a good indicator of the damage being done to us (link above).

Before we build any more nuclear weapons, power stations or other nuclear facilities, we need a proper independent investigation into the damage being caused by the nuclear industries to public health and the environment.

I would be grateful if you could ask the Secretary of State for such an independent investigation.

Yours sincerely”
Concerned Citizen-Radiation Free Lakeland Supporter [1]

17 September 2015

Thank you very much for your recent email…

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