Response to Marianne Birkby’s CT NIMBY suggestion

A prickly response to a truthful remark made in an unpublished email. I replied to someone who was surprised that a board member of CT was advocating next generation reactors. The comment I made was that some members of CT are pro nuclear and their aim is to stop a Geological Dump under their homes rather than oppose the Implementation of Geological Disposal …anywhere. Why be embarrassed about being a NIMBY when it comes to heat generating nuclear waste being buried under your home?
………………. NOT IN ANYBODY’S BACK YARD…………………………….

Cumbria Trust

In response to a letter from Colin Wales in the Whitehaven News (10th September), Marianne Birkby (Radiation Free Lakeland) challenged Cumbria Trust’s position of only opposing a GDF in Cumbria, and the fact that some CT members are pro-nuclear.

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Dear Marianne

We were surprised to see that you describe Cumbria Trust’s stance on a GDF as essentially Not In My Back Yard (NIMBY). That is not the case. We do place significant weight on the extensive studies of Professors Smythe and Haszeldine, who reached a clear conclusion that Cumbria’s geology is unsuitable for a GDF. A similar conclusion was reached by Chris McDonald, the Lead Inspector of the Nirex Inquiry after a £400m investigation. No subsequent work has effectively rebutted this.

It is true that unlike you, Cumbria Trust is not opposed in principle to geological disposal. Like you, we would prefer that the problem of what to do…

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