Highly Radioactive Waste on the Move Across Europe

Highly Radioactive Waste Cargo - Oceanic Pintail
Highly Radioactive Waste Cargo – Oceanic Pintail

Below is a report from France Bleu on the cargo of highly radioactive waste being transported by sea, rail and road from Sellafield via the port of Barrow across Europe.  The vitrified waste is being ‘repatriated’ to Switzerland, to do this  wastes have already been dumped out to the Irish sea to Cumbrian air and leaving highly radioactive material here in Cumbria such as a vast soup of radioactive nitric acid.

(0ur translation of the French report below)

“A convoy of nuclear waste arrives in Cherbourg

by Marion Aquilina and Julien Pasqualini, France Bleu


Sunday, September 13, 2015 at 2:30 pm

An ultra-sensitive cargo enters the port of Cherbourg Monday morning.

* Three packages, each containing 28 containers of nuclear waste Swiss, * will be landed. They were sent from the port of Barrow-In-Furness, in the United Kingdom, by the specialized vessel Oceanic Pintail.

These highly radioactive waste were treated in Sellafield, England, and must return to their country of origin, the Switzerland by train.

* The convoy will leave from the rail terminal of Valognes Wednesday,

* having been driven truck from Cherbourg

*.It is the Logistics Branch nuclear Areva, Areva TN, which takes care of transport. * A transport which is safe according to Areva

*. In a statement the group said that it “/satisfied national and international regulations in force regarding safety.

The packaging used (….) “young designed to ensure the protection of people and the environment in all circumstances./”

Still highly radioactive waste the environmentalists associations do not share this opinion. Philippe Guiter, of the network Sortir du Nucléaire, denounces a

* infernal “/transit of transport of highly radioactive nuclear waste /

* / and extremely dangerous for populations and for the personnel of SNCF /. ”

“/The wastes are still extremely hot, more than 400 degrees, and they’ll cross France / ” said Philippe Guiter.

Same Advisory for Yannick Rousselet, nuclear questions at Greenpeace, which is however not an action to block the train to the extent that the association does not preclude the return of nuclear waste in their country of origin.”

our note: The nuclear chain relies on the movements of highly radioactive materials, for which there is no guarantee of safe containment, criss crossing the globe.  Every part of the chain disperses radioactive waste, there is no repatriation of the Swiss wastes which have been dumped out to the Irish Sea, to the air ..

2 thoughts on “Highly Radioactive Waste on the Move Across Europe

  1. Your last sentences are the most important of all: “Every part of the chain disperses radioactive waste, there is no repatriation of the Swiss wastes which have been dumped out to the Irish Sea, to the air ..” While, as we know, some stays in the estuaries, and Irish Sea, some goes on to the Arctic by both air and sea. The US Fisheries and Wildlife service draft polar bear plan has no mention of this that I’ve found. This radiation can both impact the ice and the polar bears. Polar bears have had thyroid problems and researchers didn’t even look at the iodine 129 from Sellafield, La Hague, and nuclear reactors. Also, the krypton from Sellafield and La Hague and nuclear reactors contributes to climate change. Tritiated water freezes at a different temp than non-tritiated water. The energy from radionuclides must impact ice. Now’s the chance to ask for research to be done on all of this. Unlike the US NRC I think that some Fisheries and Wildlife people do care for the animals so there is some hope in putting a comment by Saturday.

    Comment on Draft Polar Bear Conservation Management Plan until 19 Sept. 2015 11.59 pm http://www.regulations.gov/#!documentDetail;D=FWS-R7-ES-2014-0060-0001 (That’s next Saturday, which is not normal, but that’s what it says.) Draft Plan: http://www.fws.gov/alaska/PDFs/PBRT%20Recovery%20Plan%20Book.pdf

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