Trident Two – Acquitted and Awarded Costs

Scrap Trident



Radiation Free Lakeland have just heard the news that the Trident Two have
been acquitted today at Plymouth Magistrates Court. Cumbrians have sent
messages of Support for the Trident Two’s peaceful protest in the form of
a blockade at the Plymouth Devonport Dock. We have heard that the Judge
awarded the Trident Two, Nikki Clarke and Theo Simon, costs and pointed
out that the prosecution’s case had “a fatal flaw”  So they were acquitted on a technicality but the media and the public heard all the arguments against Trident.

The Judge saw the Demonstration of Support for the Peaceful Protest against Trident

below is just one of the many messages of support from Cumbria…

“As a resident of Cumbria I would like to thank Nikki Clarke and Theo
Simon for their peaceful protest against Trident – a weapons system of
mass destruction which threatens us all.
Trident nuclear submarines and their successors are / will be built in
Barrow -in -Furness, Cumbria much to our shame and distress.
The nuclear industries, both civilian and military, indoctrinate our
children in Cumbria one generation after another. These corrupt practices
must be brought to an end.
The primary school nearest the BAE Systems nuclear submarine boatyard in
Barrow stores stocks of iodine tablets to feed to the children in the
event of a release of radioactive contamination into the local environment
in the hope flooding the thyroid gland of young children with
non-radioactive iodine will help reduce the risk of it absorbing its
cancer-inducing radioactive cousin from the BAE Systems yard. This is no
environment in which to bring up young children yet the insanity of the
situation continues to be officially tolerated.
I trust Nikki Clarke and Theo Simon will be treated with leniency for
their peaceful protest against the insanity, immorality and unlawfulness
of weapons of mass destruction such as the Trident nuclear weapons and
submarine system”.
more here:

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