Letter of Support for the Trident Two sent to Plymouth Magistrates Court Today


Below is a letter of support for the Trident Two who are in court tomorrow for holding a peaceful protest blocking the gate of Devonport Docks, Plymouth.

The hearing is tomorrow at Plymouth Magistrates Court at 10am.  The more letters of support received the better …contact the magistrates court here:

Telephone : 01752 206200
Fax : 0870 3240186
DX : DX 98670 Plymouth 7

Email : de-plymouthmclist@hmcts.gsi.gov.uk

Dear Plymouth Magistrates Court,



Radiation Free Lakeland (RaFL) are a voluntary group opposing nuclear developments which disperse radiation to the environment. We are based in the South Lakes. Cumbria. RaFL would like our support for the peaceful protest action of the “Trident Two” Nikki Clarke and Theo Simon,  to be noted by Plymouth Magistrates Court.

The birthplace of Trident submarines is here in the South Lakes, in Barrow known locally as Trident Town. Many people in RaFL have family and friends who work or worked at the shipyard who would rather be working on more benign projects than Trident and Rail Guns. This is of course entirely possible. The Barrow workforce could be kept in employment in exciting new renewable technologies, without Trident, all it takes is political will.

Here in Barrow we see that one local hellish outcome of a government obsession with next generation nuclear military hardware is that Trident manufacturers BAE have been handed the reins in educating Barrows’ school children. This has raised barely an eyebrow in the press.
Local Education Authorities, Councils and Services have been starved of cash so that the government can continue with its new nuclear build agenda to facilitate nuclear submarines, railguns and the like – it doesn’t have to be this way.

In Phillip Pullman’s book The Shadow in the North, the fictional industrialist Bellmann defends his weapons factory in Barrow, claiming that the creation of the Self- Regulator is good for humankind because it is a weapon too horrible to use and will promote peace, he argues that “there are poor children in Barrow who will eat and go to school because of what I have done”. Phillip Pullman’s evil owner of the Barrow arms factory did not go as far as is happening in reality, the softly softly corruption of Barrow school children. Children softly radicalised into believing that building clever nuclear weapons of mass destruction is a good way to spend a life times work.

Barrovian children have objected, they have protested strongly time and again against their perfectly good and honest schools being scrapped to make way for the building of Furness Academy. The only people who seem to have profited from the building of the hugely expensive multi £million Furness Academy are the businessmen and the back room dealers

In 2007 the arms company BAE Systems offered £400,000 to sponsor the proposed academy in Barrow-in-Furness, the Cumbrian town where the company builds nuclear submarines. This sponsorship was proffered at the same time the arms giant was under criminal investigation in Britain, the US and Europe over corruption allegations. The nuclear industry and the nuclear weapons industry are of course mutually parasitic, feeding off each other.

Parents were concerned about the influence sponsors like BAE would have on children’s education. Now after just a couple of years the expensive Furness Academy is failing and Europe’s biggest arms dealer are stepping in to ‘save the day’…..it looks like BAE are to have sole influence on Barrovian children. BAE have sold over 70 Typhoon Jets to Saudi Arabia despite knowing of their role in terror in the Middle East. Those planes are now dropping bombs on Syria, adding to the tsunami of refugees.

Nikki Clarke and Theo Simon deserve medals and thanks for their actions in acting as the conscience of the nation in aiming to prevent the far far greater crime that is Trident.

yours sincerely,

Marianne Birkby
on behalf of Radiation Free Lakeland




Barrow Alternative Employment Committee


Shadow in the North

Nuclear Weapons are more likely to annihilate the UK than save it

Corruption row arms firm offers £400,000 to sponsor Barrow School

Europe’s biggest arms company to take over Failing Academy

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