Infant Mortality; Stillbirths; Unborn Girls, Near Hinkley Point Nuclear Power Station in Somerset England: An Investigation

This Important new peer reviewed study has huge implications for Cumbria…

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Well known, though, in practice, mostly ignored, is the problem of radioactive fallout on vegetation, and the presence of radionuclides in milk, due to “normally” operating nuclear power stations, as well as during nuclear accidents, and during nuclear weapons testing. Less well known, is the accumulation of radionuclides in estuaries and mud flats. While some of the radionuclides, (legally) emitted into the water (and air), go out to sea, becoming someone else’s problem, some portion of radionuclides may wash back ashore, and even be resuspended in air.
dairy cows area of Steart UK
Milk cows near Steart, Somerset, England, not far from mud flats, near the mouth of the River Parrett.

Besides impacting the thyroid, radioactive iodine, emitted from nuclear reactors, weapons and waste, binds to breast tissue of humans, as well as cows, making milk a risk factor: “Radioactive iodine can enter the body by ingestion or inhalation. It dissolves in water so…

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