No Nukes Toolkit – Get Yours Now!!

No Nukes Toolkit

No Nukes

We have developed a toolkit of materials to help you raise the profile of the campaign against nuclear.

*Chip in just £3 to receive your No Nukes Toolkit which contains:

An “I’m Not Going Nuclear” window poster to stick up at home or work

250,000 Years of Radioactivity means....Never having To Say You're Sorry!!
250,000 Years of Radioactivity means….Never having To Say You’re Sorry!!

A postcard of native roe deer. Just one of the species of animals shot on the expanding Sellafield site as “bioindicators” or “threats to security’

Five anti-nuclear drink mats to leave at your local to create conversation (may vary)

Five “Stop Moorside” Leaflets to distribute

Five reasons why nuclear should be banned locally, nationally and internationally to use as talking points.

Five ways you can get involved with the resistance against nuclear including a template letter to write to your MP.

*£3 is the suggested donation to cover costs of the No Nuke Toolkit

£50 Donation
You will receive a fine art print of a Kingfisher

(one of the species threatened by proposed new nuclear build at ‘Moorside’)

River Ehen KingfisherFiery Cottage Barn Owl

£100 Donation

You will receive a fine art print of a Kingfisher
and a companion print of a Barn Owl.
Another species threatened by new build.

£100,000 Donation
an anamorphic painting and magic viewer of Britain’s Favourite View with your portrait “hidden” within

All proceeds will go directly to campaigning against nuclear developments. We will campaign anyway with the limited funds we have. If we have more funds we can put up more resistance to the nuclear juggernaught, such as funding leaflets, banners, reports by experts, public meetings, and organising peaceful protest.

Payment to Radiation Free Lakeland

by Paypal *email:
Electronic Transfer or cheque *email:

*No Nukes Toolkit in the Subject Header

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