Westmorland Gazette falls into softly softly trap of “clean” nuclear energy

Steam for the proposed Moorside plant's three reactors would be made from the Irish Sea.  Stirring up decades of nuclear waste dumped there from Sellafield....the arse end of the "clean" nuclear chain.
Steam to turn the turbines of the proposed Moorside plant’s three reactors would be made from the Irish Sea. Stirring up decades of nuclear waste dumped there from Sellafield….the arse end of the “clean” nuclear chain. No amount of air freshener will clean that up!

The Westmorland Gazette  has fallen into softly softly trap set by decades of nuclear grooming.

The Westmorland Gazette say:  “The new Moorside power plant will generate clean energy but only by leaving a dirty legacy”.  Good, Fantastic  that they recognise the undeniable “dirty legacy.”   But as the nuclear chain leaves a dirty legacy at every point starting with uranium mining,  it begs the question :

at what point is nuclear energy clean?

*uranium mines in Kazakhstan annihilating the Saiga antelope’s habitat, in Australia trampling indigenous people’s rights, in America polluting the Grand Canyon.
*transports of uranium hexaflouride to Ellesmere Port and then manufacture
of fuel at Springfields in Preston spewing radioactive wastes to the River
*the ditching of renewables to make way for nuclear
*increases in leukemia and other radiation linked diseases
*spent nuclear fuel transports i.e. nuclear waste by train arriving at Sellafield for reprocessing
*spent fuel being dunked in gallons of nitric acid making yet more high
level liquid radioactive wastes
*open ponds of hot radioactive wastes
*animals being culled on the Sellafield site
*people duped
*collusion between government and industry
*silence of conservation groups some even funded by the industry (public purse)
*Wastwater’s freshwater being used to cool nuclear wastes
*Thirlmere being lined up to become a nuclear “resource” for proposed Moorside reactors
*meaningless consultations aimed at “shaping plans” for more dangerous nuclear sprawl by companies such as Toshiba who should be facing human rights abuses for their role in the Fukushima disaster
*militarisation of a rural area
*dumping of democracy
*dispersal of nuclear wastes to the environment at every stage of the chain

Clean??  Only in the fevered minds of the countless  PR consultancy firms employed to greenwash the most extreme and polluting industry there is.

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