Can Quantum Physics Make Nuclear Waste Disappear?

Can Quantam Physics make nuclear waste disappear?
Can Quantum Physics make nuclear waste disappear?

Can Quantum Pyhsics make nuclear waste disappear?  Peter Smith a former BNFL employee has brought the Latest BBC 4, Jim Al-khalili documentary to our attention.  Peter says of the documentary : “Quantum physics, told us that latest particle physics theory indicates reality does not exist!  It’s only there when we look. Ah I thought, herein lies the answer to the previous programme on Sellafield. The nuclear industry want us to believe that nuclear waste is not dangerous because it’s not really there. Perhaps some in Westminster & the nuclear industry are suffering from QDS (quantum delirium syndrome). Just pouring a little light on the dark side”.


Maybe taking the quantum physics theory to heart the BBC chose to ignore a deluge of complaints on Jim Al-khalili’s previous ‘documentary’ Britains Nuclear Secrets: Inside Sellafield” 

Because of the number of complaints The BBC have sent a generic reply to everyone saying:
” As an authored programme, it didn’t feel inappropriate at the end of the programme for Professor Jim Al-Khalili as a Nuclear Physicist and expert to express his personal views on nuclear power and the disposal of nuclear waste. Just as many who viewed the programme at home will have their own opinion too.”

This reply would only have credibility if the BBC was to screen another programme allowing  a presenter with a dissenting view
to “express his personal views on nuclear power”

Are BBC documentary makers a mouthpiece for the nuclear industry? It certainly looks that way!  Come on BBC and do your job of genuine reporting on what is the most important issue in the UK – the health of our water, our air, our land, our rivers our sea and how on earth we are going to keep hot nuclear wastes isolated from the biosphere into eternity.

5 thoughts on “Can Quantum Physics Make Nuclear Waste Disappear?

  1. “Britains Nuclear Secrets: Inside Sellafield”, Professor Jim Al-Khalili is like a little boy over-excited and obsessed by a new little toy. He did not mention that the monumental cost of a nuclear program is more than what it is worth, and so totally pointless and totally self-destructive. Let’s see another program put together by activists expressing a personal view. I add a link to my article titled ‘The Pacific Ocean is Dying’. Will Professor Jim Al-Khalili tell us all about all the dying pangs of the planet? God help us all! John Wantling, Rochdale

  2. Because of things like Sellafield’s gas fueled generating station, the need to be connected to the grid, and the need and use of backup generators, there is a conspiracy theory that nuclear energy doesn’t even exist, and that’s it’s a hoax, and really energy is being generated from these backup-supports. Wouldn’t that be lovely? Unfortunately, the rising levels of cancer, infertility, and genetic defects seem to speak to its reality. However, that’s my fav conspiracy theory and that this is a nightmare, night terror, from which we will awaken.

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