Nuclear Camps for 4000 workers – Letter in the Whitehaven News

Nick Ford, Photographer has had the following letter published in the Whitehaven News August 20th.  He makes some excellent points …..

Sir- With reference to the letter under SPORTS CENTRE (The Whitehaven News
August 13th) entitled First Housing, and Now This,

To continue the discussion; it would seem that the “camps” will be “proper
houses” to be given over to housing associations after the NUGEN New Build,
3 new reactors have been finished. Now, the numbers employed by the Project
at peak is supposed to be around 6,000 according to NUGEN scaling down to
about 900-1000. So what happens to the unneeded 5,000 or so, if they are
locally employed then you have a 5.000 jump in unemployment or if brought in
workers, they will leave the area, but whichever way it works we have the
boom & bust syndrome again as there is no alternative employment to absorb
the surplus workers, businesses will then run down as most are dependent on
the Nuclear industry (a one horse town). As to the much vaunted 21,000 jobs,
even in their own PR documentation it is 21,000 UK jobs not just Cumbrian
jobs. The UK bit has been conveniently dropped in the press and other output
from NUGEN to give a misleading impression. Where did the 21,000 number come
from? No-one seems to know, it would seem to have been plucked out of the
air as at one time it was 9,300 then 14,000.

Apart from Copeland being the nuclear rubbish dump for the world they now
want the build 3 new Westinghouse AP1000 reactors next to the site. These
are the Westinghouse AP1000 nuclear plants of which there is not one in
operation anywhere in the world and therefore untested, The Americans have
reservations about the AP1000 with constant design changes being made. Of
the sites building the AP1000 (4 in America & 4 in China) all are 2 or more
years behind schedule and have rising costs and construction-design

So first, a business is not altruistic as the first duty of a company board
is to the company and the company to its investors (shareholders) the public
come a poor third and I cannot see any organisation building substantial
housing on the scale that NUGEN are talking about (up to 4,000 in three
areas) and then just giving them away or selling them cheaply for social
housing which is implied in their PR exercise and stated by several local

But this then begs the question, if they are looking to employ locally and
the Borough Council and Mayor are stating that they will insist on locals
being employed why do NUGEN need to build 4,000 houses as employing locally
will mean those employed already live in houses here?

NUGEN will bring in its own labour force, employ Sellafield workers being
released as reprocessing begins to tail down so no real benefits to Copeland
or Cumbria there, also most of the plant will be prefabricated and shipped
in so again work going outside Cumbria.

So we now come to the Extreme Sports Centre outside Cleator Moor another
great idea from RNEC; let’s look at the roads as the letter writer rightly
points out these is not suitable for large scale traffic, leading to
congestion problems.

Next and basically any investor looking to maximise a return on the
investment of £26 million will want to locate the centre near an area
already consisting of a large number of visitors for climbing etc. with good
road links and this would be towards Keswick and the southern lakes not the
remote and not easy to reach Cleator Moor there would not be enough custom
in the Cleator/Cleator Moor area.

So what benefit to the local town?-none! Apart from being outside the town,
so no-one will need to pass through Cleator Moor, the Sports Centre will
also have hotel and shops (akin to Centre Parcs). The development includes
hotel & shops (captive audience, no need to go into Cleator Moor). It will
be a case of visitors saying “to the centre and away back to the lakes.”
That will do no good for trade in Cleator/Cleator Moor. The only interest
will be in the business and the money it will make, not the local town.
Staffing will be another issue as it usually pays low wages due to the
ability to exploit the fact there is little other industry or work due to
the strangulation of businesses by the overarching Nuclear Industry At this
point I see no real benefit to Cleator Moor/Cleator.

Nick Ford

3 thoughts on “Nuclear Camps for 4000 workers – Letter in the Whitehaven News

  1. They can’t favour local workers unless they leave the EU. They will probably house them in shipping containers as they are elsewhere. There was an uproar somewhere in the UK a few years back (Northumberland?) because foreign workers were being hired in the oil industry or maybe to construct a new refinery in the UK, despite the high levels of local unemployment. That’s why many wish to leave the EU. Bouygues was recently fined a small amount for illegal workers on the Flamanville project. They were Polish, I think, but they did not pay them as they were supposed to, didn’t pay insurance or something like that. The one in Finland brought in primarily Bulgarian workers. I suspect some of the construction flaws have to do with these sites being a literal Tower of Babel, along with substandard materials. In Switzerland they house construction workers in cargo shipping containers on site (which incidentally is how they are storing the nuclear waste pucks at Dounreay in containers). That’s probably what they will do. They were visible on google earth. I don’t know if it’s still a problem but a few years ago Switzerland had issues with shoddy construction, in part because they had companies mostly run by Kosovard immigrants to Switzerland or the EU, who were bidding under cost, because they were bringing in people from Kosovo (or elsewhere) and not paying them and then the people got mad and left the project. Some roads were redone multiple times. Some shoddy buildings left as is. Imagine this for a nuclear reactor? Already gloves and wood have been found in some US ones which date from before the recent round of high levels of legal and illegal immigration. I still wonder who benefits from immigration pyramid schemes, for that’s what they are. The immigrants build things which are only needed because of the immigrants (housing, nuclear reactor, etc.), so who gains? Many around the world can’t find work at home and are forced to be unwanted immigrants elsewhere. There are plenty of foreign workers in Ireland, even after the crash, whereas the Irish still must seek work abroad, and it’s the same over most of the world. This is worth thinking about: “Subject: Study on investments made by the Italian mafias in the European economy and new anti-money laundering prospects
    A recent study carried out by Transcrime and financed by the European Union has given an accurate picture of the sectors and countries in which mafias invest in Europe./ The study reveals a homogeneous presence of the Italian mafias in western Europe,…In the United Kingdom, all three Italian organised crime organisations run operations: the Camorra stronghold is Aberdeen, the third most populous city in Scotland, where it controls the catering, public works, food retail and wholesale and property sectors; the Sicilian mafia runs illegal gambling dens in London, where the ‘Ndrangheta also has a presence, in this case in the property sector; and the Camorra exercises an influence in the wholesale and retail sectors….” Parliamentary questions, 25 November 2013, E-013353-13
    Oreste Rossi (PPE)” Sorry to be so long but I think it’s important. These mafia also deal in radioactive and toxic waste, though it’s not mentioned.

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