Enthusiast for Moorside - Jim Al-Khalili
Enthusiast for Moorside – Jim Al-Khalili

It is difficult to know where to begin with this but have submitted a complaint to the BBC …….you can do the same here

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BBC Four
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Britain’s Nuclear Secrets: Inside Sellafield
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Biased Infomercial

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The programme purports to be investigative journalism when it is an infomercial for the nuclear industry and the government’s new build agenda.

“The real story” suggests impartiality. While the programme reiterates in a misleadingly superficial way the known dangers of nuclear power there was no attempt at all by the programme makers to speak to opponents of nuclear power or even whistleblowers from within the industry.

PR group Copper Consultancy have advised the nuclear industry/government bodies such as DECC to use “science champions” to promote new nuclear development.

Jim Al-Khalili is one of BBC’s foremost science champions. He rounds off the programme with enthusiastic endorsements for new nuclear build while standing within the ancient field systems that are under threat of new nuclear development.

This is at the time when there is a consultation going on. Grass roots group Radiation Free Lakeland have been aggressively warned off sending any briefings from independent scientists about new build to Copeland Council’s Nationally Significant Infrastructure Panel as “it might prejudice decisions.”  

This BBC 4 Infomercial masquerading as investigative journalism is entirely prejudicial in its promotion of new nuclear build.

Copper Consultancy – – DECC ManagingRadioactive Waste Safely consultation 2013 “engage well known ‘science champions’ to explain the issues..”


  1. Interesting that French television has had really good investigative journalism on the nuclear issue – a few years ago about the old uranium mines which haven’t been cleaned up properly; this year about the nuclear waste, EDF dumping plutonium into the Loire, etc. A French journalist went to Flamanville and reported on it too by radio.

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