BBC 4 TV Sellafield Infomercial Tonight at 9.00pm

'Nuclear Sunset'
‘Nuclear Sunset’

BBC Four TV is showing a series of films around the 70th anniversary of the
bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki:-

Tonights insulting offering is to be an infomercial called: Britain’s Nuclear Secrets: Inside Sellafield.  The presenter is nuclear physicist Professor Jim Al-Khalili an apologist for the nuclear industry who has repeatedly denied radiation linked disease and death while bigging up nuclear as “cheap and reliable.”

Professor Jim   repeats the industry’s myth making that the mental health impact  is the biggest health impact of Chernobyl.  Immediately after the Chernobyl accident people were ‘warned’ by government that they might experience “radiophobia”  … the unborn children too!!?

There are moves afoot to deregulate radiation dose as a result of the recent report by United Nations Scientific Committee on the Effects of Atomic Radiation (UNSCEAR) which pushes the line that mental health is the most widespread and damaging  of health impacts following nuclear accidents.    Being poisoned does that for you.

We expect the programme to be an infomercial in the guise of independent journalism.  We expect the line to be that : ‘yes awful things were done but now the industry has learnt from mistakes, science has moved on, nuclear is dangerous , we can control it, nuclear power and nuclear weapons can be totally separate.’     All of this is of course Nuclear Myth Making.  Continued nuclear power is a prerequisite for nuclear weapons and the plan for Moorside is key to keeping the nuclear military machine alive and kicking.   The only way to truly honour those terrible events  at Hiroshima and Nagasaki is to Ban Nuclear Power.  All effort and expertise should now be put into containment instead of continual and accelerating dispersal to the environment with the routine poisoning of reprocessing and ‘decommissioning.’   No doubt Jim will raise a glass of the new beer ‘Nuclear Sunset’ at the close of the programme.  The beer is made by a former Sellafield worker to ‘commemorate’ Hiroshima and Nagasaki while at the same time endorsing new build and nuclear weapons .  Nuff said!

One thought on “BBC 4 TV Sellafield Infomercial Tonight at 9.00pm

  1. As al Khalili was filmed wearing no protection while his Geiger counter rattled away at Sellafield it will be interesting to see whether his imminent ‘health detriment’ will be put down to his weak mental health or exposure to nuclear radiation. He obviously is unaware of the No Safe Dose paper by NIRS, available to download from or In the interest of broadcast balance will the BBC now give Chris Busby a series on the disastrous health effects of exposure to nuclear radiation, evidence of which has been available for at least 50 years?

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