Bonkers Scenario: 50 Nukiller Plants and 4 Geological Dumps…

This is from January 2014… It is based on a report from Pete Roche of No2Nuclear News and is as true as ever. The Moorside site alone would require new nuclear facilities including storage ponds and reprocessing…the tsunami of radioactive waste from all this would be enormous. Much of it would end up in landfill (reclassified as “exempt” or High Volume Very Low Level Waste) while the government plan to dump higher activity wastes deep underground. This plan will irreversibly poison land and water supplies with the most toxic substances man has created. The only sane option is to stop now and contain.

You Lie

The following is from NuCLear News and outlines the bonkers scenario that would see the UK covered in nuclear enrichment plants, nuclear reactors, reprocessing plants and four (!!) geological dumps. No wonder there is a dash for fracked gas – Sellafield uses over £30 million of gas now – imagine what 50+ nuke “facilities” would need!! WHAT is all this “needed” for. Is Britain to become the nuclear ghetto of Europe? Even the French are looking a bit leery about nuclear now, while our press continues to groom the public into nuclear acquiescence. Or maybe this is so that people heave a sigh of relief when “only” one or two get built? NO – there is no room on planet earth for ANY more Nukiller.

Nuclear News…
1. The Bonkers Scenario – Volunteers for 4 nuclear dumps please?

In April 2013 (NuClearNews No.49) we reported that the government’s high-nuclear

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