Nuclear: Not Carbon Free Not Climate Friendly; Nuclear Destroys Precious Water Resources; Nuclear is Deadly

Many thanks to Mining Awareness for publishing this. It is part of Radiation Free Lakeland’s evidence given direct to Parliament’s Energy and Climate Change Committee in 2010.

Mining Awareness +

Moorside Sheep looking toward Sellafield Streetview
Streetview of Moorside area sheep looking toward Sellafield:

This is from a 2010 submission to the UK Parliament. However, the points about nuclear are timeless and universal, since some nuclear waste will stay dangerous for longer than humans have walked on the earth. Unfortunately, the only thing which has changed is that now Toshiba and the former GDF Suez are the investors for new nuclear near Sellafield.

The DECC exhibition and presentation which precedes the ‘Site Consultation’ public discussions reiterate deliberately misleading statements. These statements include assertions that nuclear power is:

Carbon free /Climate friendly

· Safe for the Environment
· Safe for human health
· Economic
· Sustainable
· Home grown

1. Carbon Free/Climate Friendly…..?

1.1 Every nuclear power plant requires a dedicated back up of energy – in fact they need an ‘over supply’ of energy to prevent catastrophe during operation and waste management. In…

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