Expanding Nuclear Military Fences – How Much of Cumbria Will Be Sacrificed?

from Cumbrians Opposed to a Radioactive Environment
from Cumbrians Opposed to a Radioactive Environment

Cumbrians Opposed to a Radioactive Environment have written a new report:

“Land Grab by NuGen, with compulsory purchase on the cards, sees the “biggest construction project in Europe” more than double in size – from 200 to 552 hectares of farmland adjacent to Sellafield. Consultation documents published by NuGen on its new-build plans suggest a belated realisation by the developer that, given the topography, geology and other constraints of the Moorside site, three first of a kind AP1000 reactors, plus all the associated paraphernalia needed to construct, operate and service them, were never going to be squeezed into the land originally purchased from the NDA in 2009. It was from within this original land parcel of 200 hectares that NuGen subsequently projected that ‘the most suitable 100 ha would be selected for the nuclear power station’. Today, however, NuGen says that ‘the generating elements of the power station would cover some 200 hectares’ (EIA Scoping Report Vol 1 page 22, para 2.2.1) – the whole of the originally purchased land area and not just 100 hectares within it. The knock-on effect of this doubling of the reactor area from 100 to 200 hectares is the dramatic expansion of the overall West Cumbrian land area now required for investigation – from 200 to 552 hectares (EIA Scoping Report Vol 1, page 22, Para 2.2.1). The figures below show the extent of the Moorside mission creep from 200 to 552ha. The underestimate of the extent of land required for Moorside is echoed by a similar underestimate of the four year build time claimed for each of its projected AP1000 reactors – a timeline that NuGen knows to be wholly at odds with the current Westinghouse experience overseas. The VC Summer twin reactors for example, also scheduled to be built in four years, are currently in their 6th and 7th year of construction respectively and still nowhere near completion – let alone the production of electricity.”

CORE has “warned West Cumbria to wake up to NuGen’s implausible plans and timescales, to wise up to the misleading claims of Westinghouse and to reject the inevitable debacle of Moorside in favour of Cumbria’s clean, green and sustainable renewables potential”.

We agree – although we are unsure whether the land has been purchased or “there is an option” to purchase,  either way the NDA have absolutely NO RIGHT to sell this land, bought with public money, to the developers responsible for Fukushima.

We do not recognise any sale of this land to NuGen (Toshiba and Engie/GDF Suez) as either legitimate or ethical.

NuGen originally suggested there would be no cooling towers (other AP1000 being constructed have towers up to 209 metres) , now say there would be both cooling towers and a huge heat exchanger installation at sea churning up the radioactive sediments which already return to Cumbria’s beaches with every tide.

The Stop Moorside petition now stands at 7,926 signatures – please sign, share and resist this diabolic proposal.  If you are a member of groups who should be shouting about this – urge them to SHOUT OUT.  Put banners on hillsides, posters in windows, Boycott Toshiba  …

Come On and  #Stop Moorside!

A dodgy video but it shows the area planned to be directly sacrificed

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