Nuclear Waste Disposal Loch Doon Scotland

Then ….and now …the plan now is far bigger including heat generating wastes … Cumbria is being primed to cop the lot, new reactors with hotter wastes and geological nuclear dump but George Monbiot thinks it is ok…so it must be? Right? WRONG!

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Mullwharchar Loch Doon
Area Loch Doon sheep
This is about the nuclear waste dump fought off with the help of the late Willie McRae, who is widely believed to have been assassinated. The plan was to use Scotland for an EU wide nuclear waste dump, according to the parliamentary record below. It has also been stated that it was for Japanese nuclear waste, as well, and even mostly for Japanese nuclear waste. Currently, Sellafield, just over the border, has 20 tonnes of Japan’s plutonium. But, Japan wants to continue on with its nuclear reactors and have others take its (unlabeled) radiative food (via TPP) and nuclear waste, and import food with less radiation from Scotland and elsewhere. Japan’s Toshiba wants to build a huge nuclear power station beside Sellafield, which even if nothing goes wrong will dump radionuclides into the air and Irish Sea, because that’s what the nuclear industry is allowed to do, insanely enough!


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