Hundreds of £Millions Already Spent on Moorside #Boycott Toshiba!

#StopMoorside  Carlisle 30th June
Carlisle 30th June

We went along to the Moorside smoke and mirrors CONsultation today.    NuGen’s Stephen Bray told us that the consultation is “not about whether the new build will go ahead”  as that has already been decided by the government and the people of Cumbria who “invited”  nuclear developers.  We replied that there was no “invitation” to nuclear developers only previous consultations one of which was described in 2007 in the High Court as: “misleading, seriously flawed, manifestly inadequate and procedurally unfair”, and Government plans to build a new generation of nuclear power stations were “unlawful.”

On the question of whether there would be cooling towers or a giant heat exchange out at sea, the reply was “there might be both.”  On the question of how high: the reply was an evasive “maybe like the Calder Towers”  which were 90 metres high…but don’t worry “the landscaping will hide them anyway”  The AP1000 cooling towers being built in China now are 209 meters high.

If the “landscaping” proposed is bunds dug up from around Sellafield then NuGen’s partner GDF SUEZ/Engie used the excuse of the land “being too contaminated”  at Sellafield for it to be a low level nuclear waste dump.  This was when GDF SUEZ was pushing for a nuclear dump in an old coal mine at Keekle Head.  Its “too contaminated” when it suits…but now  apparently its fine for digging up as a screen around huge cooling towers.

On the question of fresh water use, Mr Bray told us that “no fresh water would be needed apart from during construction”…..really?  This is hogwash.  For one thing where is the contaminated laundry going to be washed?  At Shortridge? At Sellafield?  Sellafield already abstracts over 4 million gallons of fresh water a day from Wastwater.  Maybe United Utilities are more truthful.  In talking about the proposed Thirlmere pipeline they have said: “We have had discussions with NuGen who have told us that they expect to have cooling, construction and ongoing water use needs. At this stage in development their exact needs are unknown”

On sunk costs we were told NuGen have already spent hundreds of millions on the Moorside Project.  If a project is too big to fail, it is too big and Moorside is becoming a project too big to fail with enormous financial incentives from the unwitting UK taxpayer.

Why on earth are Toshiba/Westinghouse/GDF SUEZ spending this much on new nuclear having had such a disastrous experience in Fukushima?  If these companies whose products created such severe damage can walk away while the people are forced to pay the cost, the Fukushima disaster will be repeated…and it will be repeated here in Cumbria.

Other questions Asked: As Toshiba has shares in the Kazakhstan state owned uranium company, would NuGen use uranium from Kazakhstan?    Reply:  “Yes, no one has expressed any concerns, it is not an issue”

What about the health of workers and the public given a new report out this month that provides “strong evidence of a dose-response relationship between cumulative, external, chronic, low-dose, exposures to radiation and leukaemia”. Reply.  “It is not an issue”

Please write to the sham CONsultation (just use: Freepost, Moorside, Have Your Say) saying that you will Boycott Toshiba products because of their aggressive push for new nuclear here in Cumbria.

I was told that Fergus McMorrow the head of NuGen PR and former Copeland Head of Planning had a chuckle at us asking why the 2016 Copeland plan which said there should be NO NEW HAZARDOUS INSTALLATIONS next to Sellafield was being ignored. I don’t see what there is in their vicious subterfuge to chuckle about.

Anyway……I pushed over the NuGen exhibition boards on my own behalf (not on Radiation Free Lakeland’s) …and was told to leave.

NuGen should be the ones leaving…and the sooner the better!


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