Letter in Windermere Now –

The Lake District - pre the parochial National Park Boundary
The Lake District – pre the parochial National Park Boundary

Dear Windermere Now,
Radiation Free Lakeland have been misrepresented in the “Woolly Thinker”
article as having a “not in my back yard mentality”
The much hyped reactors at Moorside would produce less than 2% of the
UKs energy.  This could easily be achieved in far less damaging ways. The
developers Nugen wrongly claimed in every Cumbrian newspaper that the
amount produced would be 7%. In order to clear the decks and dump
radioactive wastes, new undemocratic laws have been put in place. This
is a form of abuse. Radiation Free Lakeland’s view is that geological
dumping of nuclear wastes should not be carried out in anyone’s backyard.

Not in the flat, arid, dry geology of Australia and not here in our
mountainous, complex geology. Geological dumping of nuclear wastes does
not equate to containment. Radioactive gases would be released, lifting
the ground, bringing wastes to the surface and contaminating water
supplies long before the planned percolation of radioactive wastes to
the Irish Sea. The proposed “high burn” waste from Moorside would be hotter than from existing plants and take decades longer to cool.

United Utilities say “We have had discussions with NuGen who have told
us that they expect to have cooling, construction and ongoing water use
needs. At this stage in development their exact needs are unknown.”
At present over 4 million gallons a day are abstracted from Wastwater and other sources such as the Calder and the River Ehen to cool the heels of
Sellafield. To put this into perspective: Thirlmere aqueduct, an
underground tunnel from the Lake District, two metres wide and 84 miles
long, moves up to two million gallons of fresh water every day into the
Manchester water system.

Scientists agree that another catastrophe on the scale of Chernobyl and
Fukushima could happen anytime anywhere. Meanwhile ‘historic’
nuclear  wastes continue to arrive at Sellafield by the week. The logical option
is to STOP and CONTAIN

yours sincerely,

Marianne Birkby

on behalf of Radiation Free Lakeland

3 thoughts on “Letter in Windermere Now –

  1. The UK does not need a GDF; the Sellafield plutonium stockpile must be immobilised on site for near surface storage. Problem solved. No converting the plutonium into MOX; no new reactors to burn the MOX.

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