Anti Nuclear Art Therapy for Grown Ups!   #STOP MOORSIDE!
Anti Nuclear Art Therapy for Grown Ups! (&children)
#STOP MOORSIDE! Print out and Colour as much or as little as you like, and then pop in an envelope to send to: FreePost, Moorside, Have Your Say – let the developers NuGen (60% Toshiba/40% Engie) know that you will be boycotting Toshiba products as a result of their aggressive push for dangerous new reactors near Sellafield.

STOP MOORSIDE! North Cumbria CND, Cumbria and Lancashire Area CND and Radiation Free Lakeland are holding a series of events to protest against  the building of nuclear reactors in Cumbria.

These events are timed to run alongside and inform the NuGen Moorside Consultation. NuGen, a UK nuclear company, is a joint venture between Toshiba and ENGIE (formerly GDF SUEZ) bidding to purchase government (publicly) owned Moorside, farmland on the flood plain of the River Ehen, in order to build the reactors on greenfields in the village of Beckermet a few miles from Sellafield.

In order to gain the public approval necessary NuGen has launched the Moorside Consultation.  This was described by former NuGen Chief  Executive Sandy  Rupprecht as a means to “shape plans.” However, members of the public attending the consultation at Whitehaven on 16th May were told by a NuGen representative that “nothing will stop the construction.”

Thousands of people have already signed the ‘Stop Moorside!’ petition which says: “We urge David Cameron and the leaders of Europe to scrap plans for Moorside. The UK Government is planning to sell a vast area of Cumbria to the same companies responsible for the Fukushima disaster, so that they can build new nuclear reactors. Please don’t risk the safety of Europe by turning Cumbria into a nuclear sacrifice zone.”

Marianne Birkby of Radiation Free Lakeland says: “We are bewildered why Toshiba should be engaging in an aggressive push for new nuclear build here in Cumbria.  Toshiba are still battling to contain the results of the  Fukushma disaster in their own country.  We saw their Reactor 3 explode before our eyes.  Their  latest efforts at containment have been halted by a ‘glitch’ which has lasted for over a year.  And even without accident or incident, the links between routine emissions from nuclear reactors and childhood leukaemia have now been confirmed.”

Irene Sanderson of North Cumbria CND adds, “The US Energy Information Administration recently concluded that using nuclear power as a climate ‘solution’ would prevent the deployment of the renewable technologies that are faster and cheaper at reducing carbon emissions and  are safer and cleaner overall to boot.”

The Stop Moorside petition will be available for people to sign at the protests.  There will also be postcards for pledging a boycott of Toshiba products.

Artists and musicians will be contributing to the Kendal event on 7th July. The events are open to all.

Carlisle 30th June – Leafletting and Demonstration outside the Hallmark Hotel
 (11am until 1pm)

Kendal 7th July – Stop Moorside – Music and Art!  10am -4pm at the Bird Cage.

Penrith 8th July – Leafletting and Demonstration outside the Methodist Church (from 11am)

STOP PRESS We have just heard that other events are taking place independently to #StopMoorside, a movement which is now growing apace:

Stephen from West Cumbria will hold a vigil at the top of Dent Fell on 3rd July. He says, “We all need to ‘Stand Up To Cancer’ and the main causes of cancer!”

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